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The Cincinnati Enquirer: “The Doctor Will See You - For $1,500 - Tristate's First 'Boutique' Practice to Open,” Tim Bonfield. January 22, 2003

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Cincinnati Business Courier: “New 'Boutique Practice' by Subscription Only.” Andrea Tortora. June 30, 2003

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Dr. Magenheim Offers 24-Hour Access

ChannelCincinnati.Com:Around-The-Clock Doctor Access Now Available Locally - Membership Has Its Privileges.”  Lisa Cooney. August 5, 2003.

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 “Boutique Doctor” Carol Williams Updated: 01/22/03

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ConnectionsCincinnati Country Day School Quarterly Magazine: “Doctor offers Innovative Medical Care in Hyde Park” Winter, 2003. Volume 23, Issue 2

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Physicians Financial News:  “Boutique Practices Grow Amid Debate” Lynn Wagner. Fall, 2003

Click Below to Read More  “NEW-STYLE DOCTOR” Carol Williams. 11/6/2003

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The Cincinnati Post:  “$1,500 retainer buys access to care” Roy Wood. 1/27/2004

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Xavier Magazine:  “Making House Calls” Greg Schaber.  Winter 2004

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